DEBUNKED: The Ten Biggest Media Lies About the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

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As jury deliberations continue inside the Kenosha Courtroom where Kyle Rittenhouse stands accused of murder, Producer Andrew steps in to walk through the 10 biggest lies propagated by the activist media, based on an excellent column penned in the New York Post by Miranda Devine. And right on cue, to further his case, bombshell breaking news came down from the dais of Judge Bruce Schroeder in which he condemned and banned from the courtroom NBC & MSNBC reporters following an incident of clean-cut jury stalking and intimidation. Andrew unpacks all of that live as it happens in real time. Finally, the firebrand Congresswoman from Colorado, Lauren Boebert, delivered a scorched earth speech from the floor of the House yesterday that we just had to cover—listen all the way through this episode to hear what she has to say about Fang Fang, Ilhan Omar, and the ‘Jihad Squad,’ you won’t regret it.

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