December 14, 2021

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0:00 – Dan & Amy revisit and take caller reaction to yesterday’s interview with Joe Perillo

10:15 – What would an “Enough is Enough” program look like? 

30:18 – Dan & Amy look into what kids are experiencing in schools

48:37 – Darren Bailey candidate for Governor & Stephanie Trussell candidate for Lt Governor, have teamed together to save Illinois. For more info –

01:03:42 – Mark Montgomery, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, notes  Russia and China are testing Biden — and so far, he’s failing. More on Mark Montgomery and the FDD here 

01:16:43 – President at Wirepoints, Ted Dabrowski, explains why young adults are choosing to flee from Illinois. Check out Ted’s latest –

01:29:13 – Dan & Amy cheer for the University of  Pennsylvania’s  trans swimmer

01:46:25 – Rafael Mangual, senior fellow and head of research for the Manhattan Institute’s Policing and Public Safety Initiative, says Yes, the Crime Wave Is as Bad as You Think. Pre-order Ralf’s new book – Criminal (In)Justice: What the Push for Mass-Decarceration and Depolicing Gets Wrong, and Who It Hurts Most

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