DEMS BEWARE: Star Parker Says the Party Is Over for the ‘Progressive Pagans’

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The Democrats are in a full-blown “freakout” over President Biden’s constantly dismal polls. Even with President Trump stuck in a courthouse for weeks on end, President Biden still trails in all of the swing states.

But the left has much more to fear than just low poll numbers. As Trump’s rally in the Bronx proved last week, Americans of all races and ethnicities are disgusted with the Biden record. Even though many of them never voted for Trump before, they are now. Democrats are terrified and they should be.

Today, Sara welcomes Star Parker, a syndicated columnist and the founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE) to discuss what is changing in the minds of many minority voters, the campaign messaging that will work with them, and the rhetoric that could still drive them away from the Republicans.

Many years ago, Parker believed all the lies about the left about feminism, sexual liberation, abortion, welfare and so much more. But after her powerful conversion to Christianity, she saw those lies for what they were and she has committed every day since then to warning others about the destruction peddled by the Democrats and championing the freedom, dignity, and success that traditional conservative values promote.

Parker also shares some simple wisdom on what Republicans should and should not say to sway minority voters. She says pointing out their embrace of the failed policies of Democrats for many years is an especially bad idea. What will work? Finding out the one issue they each care about most and offering solid solutions from the border to the economy to education to crime or whatever that issue might be.

It’s a powerful, high-energy conversation about Americans busting out of their political stereotypes, rejecting the failed leadership of Joe Biden, and embracing ideas and candidates that understand them better than the Democrats.

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Time Stamps:
00:00  Democrats have alienated Americans
10:09 Star Parker joins the Sara Carter Show
11:59 We are far from our founding vision
14:43 Trump Rally in the Bronx
20:29 Democrats love dead black babies
22:45 School Choice Programs are winning
25:55 Trump is telling the truth
32:06 What Trump must do
34:08 Mother’s story 
37:48 What is Democracy?
39:58 What we can do

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