Dems Go Full Fascist – Savage Raps on the News

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New York Gov. Cuomo says chicken wings are not substantial food in order to sell beer and bans visitors from 39 states; Portland mayor Wheeler is a domestic terrorist; Rutgers English Department to deemphasize traditional grammar ‘in solidarity with Black Lives Matter’; Pelosi calls federal agents being sent into violent cities “Stormtroopers”, going full Nazi; Savage watching “Fear City” on Netflix; More fake polling data predicting a Biden win; People are so disgusted they may sit out the election; A nation moves forward, but can only be understood backwards; President Trump announces plan to regulate drug prices, bringing another socialist program to America; Fauci is a fraud, now calling out people criticizing him for not wearing a mask during Nationals baseball game; Savage raps on the news and hot soundbites of the day.

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