Dennis & Julie: Behave Accordingly

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Dennis and Julie delve into public versus private conversation… the lack of civility while being confronted in public by the Left.  Julie recounts an encounter she had while on a first date in Venice, CA.  Julie’s exchange reminds Dennis to recount a similar experience he had.  What’s the best way to deal with unhinged haters?  Aphorisms… they aren’t 100% and they aren’t making better humans.  No one is perfect the way they are… everyone needs improvement.  If you want to raise good kids teach them… life is hard.  If you embrace the hard truths of life… you will be a happier person.  Dennis explains why Jews view Christians like blacks view whites, and why being chosen people shouldn’t lead to antisemitism.  Exceptionalism… most groups believe they have it… and they should.  Dennis recalls when he first learned of the Holocaust.  DISCLAIMER: this episode contains language that may be inappropriate for children.

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