Dennis & Julie: Inner Space

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Julie reviews with  Dennis some of the biggest questions she pondered while reading The Rational Bible.  While striving to know God is a noble pursuit… knowing God is not what matters most… knowing what God wants is.  If you think people are basically good, you will be a less happy person.  Exploring outer space is fantastic… equally fantastic is exploring inner space.  Ignorance is not bliss… it may be bliss temporarily, but not over a lifetime.  It is true that faith without works is dead… but works without faith ultimately die as well.  Male sex drive is so strong …would the world function if it were less powerful?  Topics include: God lives outside of time… time is relative; knowing your own nature is fun; God and human suffering; how do we know God chose the Hebrew people; Abrahamic religions; replacement theology; God’s promise… the holiness of Israel, does God know the future… if so, how to account for freewill.

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