Dennis & Julie: People Get Themselves

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Dennis and Julie delve into fake outrage.  Why has circumstance become more important than values?  Do Julie and Dennis differ on people that think they are good versus actual good people?  We should be values based… not politics based.  The Left’s meanness outweighs the Right’s.  They discuss liking Trump versus liking Biden.  It’s oncologist not ophthalmologist.  When will the guilt kick in for shunning family members over politics?  Dennis has observed that in this life evil isn’t punished… foolish decisions are.  Having a strong conscience matters.  Most people have weak consciences… and furthermore without God what good is a conscience?  Dennis recalls the two times he’s asked God for something.  What God wants from you is infinitely more consequential than what you want from God.  Do you know someone suffering from P.T.S.D. – Post Traumatic Santa Disorder… holly jolly and optimistic, Santa is needed more now than ever.
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