Dennis & Julie: Uniform of Nonconformity

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Dennis & Julie September 19, 2022- 28 Uniform of Nonconformity

Dennis and Julie delve into masculinity, and femininity.  Would you prefer a male or female boss?  Women need men.  Some people cannot lie… and cannot accept lies.  Do Leftists believe what they’re saying… do they have principles… or do they just want change?  Disabled people, Christians, conservatives, and the unvaccinated are the most oppressed groups in 2022.  The egalitarian impulse in the human is ancient.  Egalitarianism is rooted in coveting.  Traumatization should be reserved for people that have experienced trauma.  It’s your reaction to the action that matters.  Leftism has people subverting their own nature’s.  It’s impossible for Leftists to be hypocrites… if a conservative changes they are a hypocrite… if a Leftist changes… they’re progressive.

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