DeSantis Asked About Criticism from Elites, His Response Is Vicious | Direct Message

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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk attempting to buy Twitter, Ron DeSantis taking a victory lap, the return of mask mandates, Jen Psaki trying to blame inflation on anyone but Biden, and Tucker Carlson skewering Joe Biden’s food shortages warning. The Philadelphia mask mandate is back as Philly becomes the first blue city to bring back an indoor mask mandate. Meanwhile the Biden administration extended the airline mask mandate. Florida governor Ron DeSantis didn’t hold back when a reporter asked him what he thought of D.C. elites criticizing his handling of COVID. Next, as gas prices skyrocket and people see their real wages decline, inflation is quickly destroying Biden’s presidency. Press secretary Jen Psaki stunned the press by refusing to acknowledge that Biden’s policies have in any way contributed to rising food prices. Instead she simply decided to blame Putin by continually referring to the Putin price hike. Meanwhile, Joe Biden is warning about food shortages. Inflation has gotten so bad that even CNN‘s Jake Tapper is refusing to believe the White House blaming inflation on Russia invading Ukraine.


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