Difficulties Getting COVID Rapid Tests Mar Americans

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Since the start of the pandemic, the testing infrastructure in the U.S. has been marred by stumbles. Now, as President Biden is putting more emphasis on rapid tests to help fight Covid, these tests are often out of stock and still too expensive for many. Even as the new rules say insurers would pay for these tests, it could be difficult to get the reimbursements. Lena Sun, health reporter at The Washington Post, joins us for more on rapid Covid tests.

Next, the tiny town of West Hollywood is going all in on cannabis and wants to rebrand as the Emerald Village. The city is planning on approving as many as 40 cannabis permits for dispensaries and high end lounges. The effort also has star power investors with people like Jay-Z, Patricia Arquette, and Woody Harrelson. Hugo Martin, business reporter at the LA Times, joins us for how West Hollywood wants to be a global destination for pot tourism.

Finally, President Biden and Democrats have been having serious messaging problems. The administration has delivered on a very fast economic recovery getting out of the pandemic, with good jobs numbers and rising wages. The big problem holding them back is inflation with many Americans worried about the rising costs of food and everyday goods. Max Burns, contributor to The Hill, joins us for why voters are still pessimistic about the economy.

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