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The news is distressing. But we can’t look away from truth. We have to acknowledge and analyze problems to solve them. Giving in to despair is the easy way out… Schools are withholding merit awards to protect the feelings of those who didn’t receive them. How does that help students? The ones who succeed? Or the ones who have come up short?  As counter intuitive as it sounds, do you have to fail multiple times in life to be happy? Is this especially true when you’re young? Did you parents teach you how to deal with failure? Callers weigh in.   Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: New Zealand passed a bill banning tobacco to anyone under 14, what are your thoughts; Is systemic racism really true; what is the best way to study classical music and the composers; she was told that in Judaism life does not begin until the first breath is taken; Trump said Jews are disloyal because they didn’t vote for him; what is your biggest takeaway from the Exodus sessions with Jordan Peterson?
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