DOJ Sues Google Over Its Dominance in the Online Search and Search Advertising Markets

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The Justice Department on Tuesday filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google, accusing them of monopolizing the online search and search advertising markets. It is no secret that Google is a major player in these areas, but this is just a first step in what could be a lengthy court battle. Kyle Daly, technology editor at Axios, joins us for what the DOJ is alleging and what it could mean for consumers.

Next, some initial results from coronavirus testing in New York City schools is showing a surprisingly small number of positive cases. About half of the city’s students have opted for hybrid learning, which is helping them keep class sizes small and allow for more social distancing between desks. David Goodman, reporter at the NY Times, joins us for the testing plan aiming to test 10-20% of the school population at least once a month.

Finally, many are worried about what some call the “twindemic,” continuing to fight the coronavirus pandemic, while also trying to get though the flu season. The flu and COVID-19 share several common symptoms, and it is important to know how to differentiate the two viruses. Karina Zaiets, reporter at USA Today, joins us for how to tell the difference. 

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