Don’t Believe the Liberal Press: Pres. Trump Won’t Be A Dictator

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Earlier this week, leftist rags like the Washington Post and The Atlantic released a host of pieces warning readers about the dangers of Trump returning as president after the 2024 elections.

Titles like “The Inevitability of a Trump Dictatorship” and “Four More Years of Unchecked Misogyny” were plastered on websites. They were intended to scare readers and reinforce the liberal framing of an election that would otherwise be a referendum on the Biden administration.

It won’t work. On today’s Sara Carter Show, Sara breaks down what these authors are trying to do. Unlike snobby leftists who read The Atlantic, Sara has actually interviewed strongmen and dictators and knows how they operate. Donald Trump is by no means perfect, but calling him a dictator is simply incorrect, which Sara proves on today’s episode.

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Time Stamps:
0:04 Is Trump a dictator?
4:33 Our media is ridiculous
7:23 Writing a column
9:17 What is a strongman?
15:28 Trump actually fought dictators
17:57 Meeting Trump
23:19 What they fear
26:10 Show close



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