Don’t Let Your Loved One’s Addiction Destroy You

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What do you do when someone you love is struggling with addiction? Our instincts may range from doing whatever it takes or costs to get them help to showing tough love by cutting off money and other assistance. But, ultimately, you can’t make someone stop using the drugs or alcohol that is ruining their life. But what you can control is how you respond to it.

Many families are navigating this nightmare, and Sara’s is no different. Maybe you know this agony too. Today, Sara welcomes Marguerite Connelly, the mother of two kids who have struggled with drug abuse. Her journey through her son’s ongoing addiction is the focus of her new book, “Addicted to the Addicted: A Mother’s Tale of Going from Heartbreak to Hopeful.”

In this raw and honest conversation, Connelly tells Sara how she learned not to let her own life get consumed by her son’s addiction, how she changed her interactions with her son in helpful ways, and the other ways in which parents and other family members can stay strong.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 I have been affected by addiction
2:20 Shocking stats
4:10 My guest today
6:14 Allegiance Gold
7:14 Marguerite Connelly joins the Sara Carter Show
8:40 This has touched everyone
10:18 Marguerite’s son
14:07 The family is fighting too
14:50 Shocking stats
15:36 Treatment centers in Ohio
16:37 Facing this as a mother
22:02 Control in troubled waters
23:43 Manipulation
26:40 My Pillow
27:59 The cause of the crisis
31:55 We need repercussions
37:13 Parents don’t like talking about this
40:33 Interview close
42:37 Show Close

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