Dr. Carol Swain Tackles the Left’s Giant Diversity Double Standard

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Dr. Carol Swain should be everything the left celebrates. She’s a black woman who rose from poverty and teenage motherhood to achieve her Ph.D in political science. There’s just a couple of problems. She’s conservative and she’s a Christian. So the diversity crowd wants nothing to do with her.

Swain is a highly regarded professor and scholar who found herself back in the spotlight this week after embattled Harvard President Dr. Claudine Gay was caught failing to properly cite Swain’s work for her own dissertation. Instead of punishing and removing Dr. Gay, the Harvard Board of Trustees considered it a minor issue and formally supported Gay staying on as president.

Today, Dr. Swain tells Sara all about her own journey, the proper procedures for citing academic work and why it is critically important, and why the left’s definition of diversity only matters if you adhere to the left’s ideology.

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Time Stamps:
0:05 Has someone ever stolen your work?
3:59 Dr. Swain joins the Sara Carter Show
7:36 This leads to long-term harm
11:22 She had the right pedigree
13:37 This is so insulting
17:42 Advice for students
21:30 The DEI Regime
27:57 Affirmative Action on steroids
29:58 Show close



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