Dueling Town Halls Demonstrate Media's Bias Against Trump, Coddling of Biden

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Today on the Brian Kilmeade Show:  Two town halls, two candidates, two different treatments by the media.  We’ll show you the contrasts.  PLUS:  The Biden family’s email problem is not going away as more details emerge.

[00:00:00] Brian’s BIG 3

[00:18:19] Dr. Janette Nesheiwat

[00:36:38] Geraldo Rivera

[00:55:00] Will Cain

[01:07:01] More to Know

[01:13:21] Shannon Bream

[01:27:45] 11:25 am – Brian Kilmeade Show

[01:31:41] Lara Logan


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President Trump and Joe Biden hold drastically different town halls. Retail sales in the US jump 1.9% in September. New restrictions enforced in Europe as Coronavirus cases rise.

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