Economy Could Be Driving Force Behind Biden’s Failing Approval Numbers, Banning The Unvaccinated, and Religious Concerns Over Biden’s Abortion Stance

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Tonight’s rundown:

  • President Biden hosts the first Tribal Nations Summit since 2016, with leaders from over 570 tribes in the U.S.
  • A new poll reveals American’s disapproval of Biden’s economy 
  • Signed, sealed, delivered – Biden finally signs the bipartisan infrastructure bill into law
  • Bill speaks with religious commentator, Father Edward Beck about his concerns that Joe Biden continually promotes abortion 
  • Vaccinated families are planning to ban the unvaccinated from their holiday gatherings 
  • The DEA was directed to stop using the term “Mexican cartel” as it was offensive to Mexico
  • This Day In History, 1864: General Sherman’s ‘March to the Sea’ began 
  • Final Thought: There’s no winner in gambling 

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