Election 2024: The Main Things Must Stay The Main Things: National Security and The Constitution

Hugh Hewitt 01
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Hugh argues that Americans are losing focus on what is the opening phase of at least a major regional war begun on 10/7 by the depraved barbarians —losing their focus because it’s been diverted by the (very) important stories of the anti-Semitism at Harvard, Penn, etc and of course the presidential election. Today’s pod points to Commentary’s pod (which should be a daily listen) and to news sources that should be in everyone’s email each morning, “News Items” and “Daily Chatter” substacks. If you listen to this pod and Commentary and you spend 20 minutes reading News Items and Daily Chatter every M-F you will be better informed than 95% of Americans and 99% of “journalists” who love horse races and polls but not facts.

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