Elon Musk Stuns Interviewer by Admitting This About His Twitter Plan | Direct Message | Rubin Report

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Dave Rubin of “The Rubin Report” talks about Elon Musk’s brutally honest TED interview about why he wants to buy Twitter, Joy Reid’s guest’s insane take on Musk, and Brian Stelter’s strange Musk conspiracy theory. First, Dave shares clips of Elon Musk’s new TED interview where he goes into greater detail on why buying Twitter is so important to him. He explains the importance of free speech and why Twitter censorship is so dangerous. Musk also shared the major changes he planned to implement on Twitter to increase transparency which were greeted with massive applause from the crowd. The media has been in full attack mode on Musk. Joy Reid spoke to Anand Giridharadas who implied that Elon Musk secretly yearned for apartheid South Africa. Kara Swisher seemed to echo the benefits of more censorship on the platform, while CNN’s Brian Stelter shared a strange conspiracy related to the price Elon is willing to pay for Twitter stock. Will Elon be successful in buying Twitter and creating a model to fight social media censorship?


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