Ep 1 | Control Freaks: The ‘Scientific’ Roots of Progressive Tyranny | Honest History

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How did unelected “experts” with their unwavering devotion to “science” rise to such power in American life? More than a century ago, an engineer named Frederick W. Taylor inspired progressive activists with a new concept he called “scientific management.” Future Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis took Taylor’s concept and married it with political power. Brandeis teamed up with President Woodrow Wilson and a powerful senator named Robert La Follette to give the nation an “expert” makeover that Americans were not asking for. This is the story of how a cult of expertise developed among progressives and how these “experts” took a sledgehammer to our constitutional system of government, with far-reaching consequences that still reverberate today.



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A century ago, we witnessed the dawn of the “expert class” in this country.  The consolidation of power into a few hands was something the founders tried to avoid.  But people like Woodrow Wilson brought it crashing back into our lives, in one of the most blatant efforts of all time to stamp out individualism and freedom.  Being able to take your destiny in your own hands is something I believe in.  And it’s something that Jase Medical believes in, as well.  They’re a proud partner in bringing this together, and I’m happy to have them on board. They understand – the way you and I do – that you need to be able to make decisions for yourself and your family.  They’re providing some of the most vital life-saving medications – medications that the “experts” wouldn’t want you to be in charge of.  Medicines that, because of the “experts” in charge, might not be easy to get in the coming months and years.  I encourage you to check out today, and prepare yourself and your family.

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The “experts” in our society helped bring about some of the modern miracles we’ve experienced in technology, no doubt.  But they also helped usher in modern horrors.  At the dawn of the twentieth century, as mankind was raising its hackles and nations were slowly preparing to go to war with each other in what would be the bloodiest war in history (until its sequel) – while all of that was going on, the “experts” in the medical field… the people you could trust… were promoting eugenics.  The systematic weeding out of undesirable human beings… because their lives and their rights just weren’t that important.  Because they stood in the way of progress.  Tragically, the brainchild of that historic evil is embedded in our society to this day.  It’s practiced every time an expecting mother walks into a clinic and allows a doctor – an “expert” – to destroy her unborn child.  Progress is progress, don’t you know?  I’m so very proud to partner with preborn in combating this evil.  Please, go to today and help us in the fight.



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