Ep. 1092 – How Prince Harry Became A Broken Shell Of A Man

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Prince Harry continues to seek privacy by spilling his guts in front of every camera he can find. He has become a sad, broken, whiney shell of a man, thanks in large part to the awful woman he married. Many lessons to be learned from this. We’ll discuss today. Also, Kevin McCarthy finally wins the speakership after 15 votes, but not before making a number of extremely important concessions. This was a win for the so-called “far right” Republicans. And a man is wanted for questioning after shooting and killing an armed robber in Texas. The shooting may have been arguably legally questionable, but I’ll explain why I would never vote to convict if I was on the jury. In our Daily Cancellation, the young turks claims to have “demolished” me. We’ll watch the video and see how they did.

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