Ep. 1120 – The Biden Administration Boasts About Its Rampant Anti-White Bigotry 

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the White House is becoming less and less white, and this is a fact we’re supposed to celebrate. We’ll discuss the Left’s obsession with “diversity” and how diversity is really a code word for anti-white bigotry. Also, Ron DeSantis orders the execution of a twice convicted murderer who stabbed a young woman to death. According to the media, DeSantis is the real bad guy in the story. Plus, Liam Neeson has his own MeToo moment while appearing on the View. A new study shows that hormone therapy for trans-identified people is having a disastrous impact on their health. Who would have thought? In our Daily Cancellation, a teacher tries to explain why parents shouldn’t have any say over what their kids are taught.

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