Ep. 1121 – New Poll Shows How Widespread Anti-White Racism Has Become

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, the creator of the Dilbert comic strip has been canceled and exiled from polite society for comments he made about a new poll which shows that a large percentage of Americans don’t think it’s okay to be white. But I think the poll itself is far more important, and far more troubling, than whatever comments anyone made about it. Also, Zelensky scolds Americans who don’t want to continue shuffling billions of dollars into his government’s pockets. Ron DeSantis lays out exactly how he would drain the swamp as president. Woody Harrelson speaks the truth about COVID and Big Pharma on SNL, but is it too little, too late? And John Fetterman’s wife goes on a journey of self-discovery while her husband suffers in the hospital. Is she the rightful winner of the “worst wife in America” title? 

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