Ep. 1160 – Leftist Protesters Throw Themselves In Front Of A Train On Behalf Of Violent Criminals

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, protests over the death of criminal vagrant Jordan Neely continued over the weekend with mobs of leftists actually standing on the tracks to stop the trains from moving. Meanwhile, a panel in California has officially approved reparation payments of up to 1.2 million dollars for black residents. I’ll explain how these stories are related. Also, some new polling looks brutal for Biden, and that’s according to the mainstream media, so you know it must be bad. And ABC has obtained exclusive and shocking footage of a Ron DeSantis debate prep session. Plus, there were two mass killing attacks over the weekend, but neither fit neatly into the left wing media narrative. In our Daily Cancellation, the woke mob attempts to cancel the children’s cartoon “Bluey” for the sin of body shaming.

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