Ep. 1168 – Why I’m Banned From Fox News

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, a new report reveals how far Fox News has gone to enforce and promote trans ideology, both on the air and in the workplace. In fact, as I’ll explain, I have personally been banned from Fox because of my criticism of trans ideology. Also, a white supremacist rams his U-Haul into a barrier near the White House. The funny thing about this white supremacist though is that, yet again, he isn’t white. Plus. Tim Scott announces his presidential campaign. The woke Indiana Jones film, featuring a decrepit old Harrison Ford, is getting panned by critics. And in our Daily Cancellation, the LA Dodgers invite satanic drag queens to their pride night celebration. And then they uninvite them. And then invite them again. We’ll talk about all of that and more today on the Matt Walsh Show.


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