Ep. 1169 – The Shocking Truth About Canada’s Euthanasia Program. It’s Way Worse Than You Think. 

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Canada continues to expand its “medical assistance in dying” program so that more and more of the undesirables are eligible for execution. But the program is far worse, and goes much further, than you think. And worst of all, our country is now headed in the same direction. Also, Ron DeSantis prepares to officially announce his candidacy on Twitter. Target is starting to back away from its “pride” celebration. Has Bud Light persuaded other corporations to think twice about shoving the rainbow in our face? In our Daily Cancellation, the media is very excited about a new wonder drug that can cure obesity, alcoholism, shopping addictions, and everything else. But what is this drug? How does it work? And why isn’t anyone asking these questions?


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