Ep. 1176 – Pride Month Isn’t Going How The Left Planned 

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, it was a historic weekend at the Daily Wire as our film What Is A Woman racked up a truly mind-boggling number of views. Would this inspire the corporate media to finally engage honestly with the film and the issues it raises? No, of course not. They just doubled down on the lies. Also, a judge says it’s unconstitutional for Tennessee to outlaw drag shows for kids. We’ll discuss this absurd ruling. And an argument between a 5th grade teacher and a trans activist on Dr Phil goes viral. Plus, Biden’s next CDC director is on video explaining how they really made decisions during the COVID lockdowns. Her comments are both infuriating and revealing. In our Daily Cancellation, Lizzo is saying she might retire from the music industry because of all the mean comments about her weight. Is this supposed to be a threat or a promise?


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