Ep. 1182 – How All Of Our Core Institutions Lit Their Own Credibility On Fire  

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Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Hunter Biden will not be facing any prison time for any of his numerous federal crimes. This is just the latest proof that the justice system effectively no longer exists in this country. In fact all of our major institutions have destroyed themselves from within, which is why Americans are losing trust in our institutions at a record rate. We’ll talk about it today. Also, an activist judge swoops in to save the day for trans activists yet again, this time declaring that a law in Arkansas banning child multination is “unconstitutional.” Plus, five people on a small submersible go missing on a mission to survey the wreckage of the Titanic. For some reason lots of people on social media are happy about the misfortunes of these adventurers. Why? And in our Daily Cancellation, an author pulls her own book from publication because it offended the peanut gallery for the dumbest reason imaginable.


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