Ep 127 | Supply Chain Crisis? Not for This Company | Bayard Winthrop | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Maybe Bernie AND Trump were right. Can “buying American” solve our political divide and supply chain problems? American Giant founder and CEO Bayard Winthrop believes so — and his company is living proof. He created what many in the press have dubbed “the best hoodie ever made,” and as others deal with a global supply chain nightmare, American Giant is doing just fine. But that’s not where his business career started. Winthrop joins Glenn to tell his true American success story, to make the case that local small businesses are how we win, and to urge Americans to put principles over price, no matter how dirt-cheap those slave-made products from China are. America’s “entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well,” Winthrop argues, and he explains why that — and starting every day with a freezing cold shower — makes all the difference.


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