Ep 131 | How to Be a REAL Cowboy | Dale Brisby | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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What is a cowboy? Dale Brisby has a great answer: “Let your yes be yes, and your no be no.” Dale Brisby has a show on Netflix, but he’s not a Hollywood guy. He’s a cowboy and the greatest bull rider of all time (just ask his two back surgeries). He runs cows, then tweets about Jesus to his hundreds of thousands of followers. And when he isn’t riding bulls or birthing calves, he’s coming up with ideas for his clothing line and hosting “How to Be a Cowboy.” Dale Brisby joins Glenn with a heaping serving of what America is losing: the kind of cowboy wisdom that has to be earned, that work-with-your-hands spirit, and faith in God above all. And they get to the red meat topics — literally, they talk about beef — since Dale knows firsthand that his cattle shouldn’t sell “for pennies” during a shortage. Further, Glenn and Dale discuss life after the pandemic, why “Yellowstone” is an amazing show, and how all Americans, from the famous to the farmer, must prepare for the economic hardship that’s coming.


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