Ep 132 | How Critical Race Theorists Justify Racist Discrimination | James Lindsay | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Critical race theory is designed to be confusing. Leftists espousing it expect people to get frustrated and give up. Until now, their plan has worked. But they didn’t expect James Lindsay. On this episode of the Glenn Beck Podcast, James gives parents a practical set of tools for dealing with this dangerous Marxist movement. Armed with the lessons from James’ new book, “Race Marxism: The Truth About Critical Race Theory and Praxis,” parents can ask the right questions, know the facts, and stand up to the bullies. And not a moment too soon. Glenn and James explain how CRT is just the tip of the iceberg: A new “religion” has formed on the far Left, and it sheds a whole new light on the Great Reset’s real goal. James breaks down its beliefs, its endgame, and its new language that has gone mainstream — one that translates “racism” as a white trait and “fascism” as everything standing in the movement’s way. 


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