Ep 138 | Why Would a Lefty Talk to Glenn Beck? | Monica Guzman | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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After the 2016 election, journalist Monica Guzman heard nonstop from her fellow liberals that Trump voters were awful. But her parents — Mexican immigrants like her — were Trump voters, and they were nothing like what she was hearing. So, that piqued her curiosity: Instead of separating herself from people she disagreed with, she devoted herself to asking WHY they believed what they did. Now, it’s the focus of her new book, “I Never Thought of It That Way.” Monica, the director of digital and storytelling at Braver Angels, a grassroots organization dedicated to bridging the partisan divide, joins Glenn to discuss where the divide came from, where the media went wrong, and what every American must do to overcome it. And they find they agree on much more than any polarized stereotypes would have predicted.


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