Ep. 147 — Teachers Admit They Want to Keep Parents in the Dark

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In a revealing new development, teachers openly lament that at-home learning allows parents to hear their lessons. Others agree that this is “dangerous,” and say they need to be able to indoctrinate in a “parentless” way. As Dennis explains, severing parental authority is exactly what every cult must achieve.

0:00 Otto Had Surgery
3:15 Teachers Against Recording Lectures
6:05 Teachers Know It’s Indoctrination
8:56 The Chances Of Your Kid Dying
9:41 Teachers Against Parental Authority
11:40 Kids Thriving With A Home Education
12:37 Understanding Socialism & Communism
19:42 Freedom & Liberty Are Values
21:01 Marriage & Children Are Values
25:33 Are You Making Good Children?
26:14 Fight Real Evil, Not Fake Racism
27:40 Passing On The Otto Good Wishes

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