Ep 157 | How the Elites Hypnotized America into COVID Compliance | Mattias Desmet | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Evil never looks the same from one generation to the next. We may be looking out for the warning signs that quietly led to World War II, but we’re just doing the same thing they did back then. So what does evil look like now? Glenn talks to Professor Mattias Desmet about how the chaos of COVID-19 parallels the totalitarian states of the 20th century. As news outlets tried to justify a dystopian new world and the crowd just went along, Professor Desmet devoted himself to finding out exactly why this happened in his book, “The Psychology of Totalitarianism.” He explained it with a theory called mass formation, which, after a mention on “The Joe Rogan Experience” and plenty of media panic, was proven to be the threat he had feared. Now, he joins Glenn to explain how the threat is growing even worse and what we must do to reverse course.


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