Ep 158 | ‘We’ll F-ing Destroy You’: Tara Reade PUNISHED for Exposing Biden | Tara Reade | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Tara Reade has seen how terrifying power can get. She was in the Democrat “machine” for years, only to find out how unforgiving it was when she accused Joe Biden of sexual assault. The machine has been out to destroy her ever since. It caused her to lose her house and job, suffer health issues, and receive death threats — even against her pets. But while Tara lost everything, she did find her voice with her podcast, “The Politics of Survival.” On this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Tara joins Glenn to explain why she doesn’t regret exposing the Democratic playbook, how she went from being a Democratic activist to speaking with Glenn Beck, what justice looks like to her, and her message to people who are afraid to speak out but know they must.


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