Ep 160 | BONUS: Why Democrats are HORRIFIED by a Kari Lake Win | Kari Lake | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Normally, the Left would fawn over a strong, confident woman running for major office. But Kari Lake has gotten the exact opposite treatment. Despite the onslaught, her unconventional campaign for governor of Arizona has been making mincemeat out of the media, where she spent most of her career. In this bonus episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Kari Lake joins Glenn to explain why she decided to run for office, to lay to rest rumors about her faith, and to detail how she went from being a die-hard Reagan fan to voting for Obama to being onstage next to Donald Trump. And she explains why she believes her plans for the border, schools, and for protecting the unborn will heal and strengthen Arizona: “The news is the lie. The Bible is the truth.”



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