Ep 163 | The UNTOLD Story of Israel’s Peace in the Middle East | PM Netanyahu | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Everyone loves a good comeback story. But Benjamin Netanyahu’s story revolves around something the world thought was impossible: peace in the Middle East. On this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” future Prime Minister Netanyahu reveals the inside story of how he busted that myth — from secret meetings to his heavy-handed approach to Iran. And he says that “more will be coming” as he prepares to start his third term as prime minister. He takes Glenn behind the scenes of clandestine meetings with former and current presidents and onto the battlefield as he recalls his time as a soldier in the elite Israeli special forces — including the heroic death of his brother Yoni, detailed in his new autobiography, “BiBi: My Story.” Netanyahu also weighs in on a range of topics, including the Iranian nuclear deal, the war in Ukraine, and — in light of the recent controversies surrounding Kanye West and Kyrie Irving — the truth about anti-Semitism.     


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