Ep 173 | America Is More Divided Than Ever. That’s GOOD! | Michael Malice | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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The only thing Americans completely agree on is that America is more divided than ever. But author Michael Malice believes this will be what saves the country. “You can’t have a dictatorship unless everyone’s united,” he tells Glenn. It’s part of a worldview that he calls “the white pill,” or the state of being red-pilled, but choosing hope over despair. This hope, Malice argues, is something the conservative movement needs way more of. And he explains it all in his latest book, “The White Pill: A Tale of Good and Evil,” which documents the rise and fall of the Soviet Union. On this episode, Glenn and Michael dive further into this need for hope using stories about Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev, and communism. And he explains why he’s certain that America will once again see victory despite impossible odds. Plus, Michael has a few things to say about his undying hatred for Upton Sinclair, his undying hatred for the corporate press, and his undying hatred for people enslaved by undying hatred.



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