Ep 175 | Is THIS the Most DANGEROUS Man in Comedy? | Dave Landau | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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In a time of safe spaces and trigger warnings, comedian Dave Landau is fighting back with dangerous amounts of laughter. Dave is about as offensive as it gets, and nothing is off-limits. Glenn aptly describes him as a “connoisseur of dark comedy,” but there’s a method to his madness. In this episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Dave gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his unique approach to comedy, including the stories behind some of the jokes in his latest special, “A Prison 10.” Glenn and Dave also discuss some of his favorite comedians, his struggles with addiction, the ups and downs of sarcasm, and the future of comedy in this woke world. But amid all the outrage, Dave and Glenn are hopeful that we are witnessing a comedy renaissance — and it’s arriving at the perfect time. As Dave puts it: “The currency of today is to be offended.”



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