Ep 181 | ‘I Want to Live’: A Radically Honest Conversation About Surviving Depression | Aaron and Teana Elmer | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Husband and wife Aaron and Teana Elmer have lived through the devastating realities of bipolar disorder and suicide attempts. Aaron says he used to be high-functioning. He took all AP classes, and at 17, he graduated from high school. He went to college, did really well, was independent, ready for life, hard-working and consistent. After a trauma event at 18, everything flipped, and his brutal battle with mental illness began. Teana, a psychiatric nurse practitioner, has always been Aaron’s greatest advocate. She knew when they met what she was signing up for and gives a raw account of what it’s like to be married to someone diagnosed with mental illness. This episode answers many of the most difficult questions that people are facing. What are depression and bipolar disorder? How do people suffering from them act? What do people get wrong about those diagnosed with a mental illness? Can we even help? Most of all, can a marriage survive it? Aaron and Teana have no doubt: Through faith in God, anything is possible.


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