Ep 189 | How Motherhood ‘Radicalized’ a Former Los Angeles ‘Libtard’ | Bridget Phetasy | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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Leftists today hate truth. Bridget Phetasy knows this all too well, and as a California refugee, she has stories. But while her journey from “libtard” to “based” has been years in the making, it was motherhood that really “radicalized” her. Once her daughter was born, the leftist perversion of our schools hit that much harder. Bridget joins Glenn to discuss just how much has changed since that big milestone in her life, as well as another one: her decision to escape to Texas (which she admits is WAY better). Plus, they wander through an array of funny, tragic, and insightful commentary, from an Uber driver’s take on communism to a debate on whether she should teach her daughter how to code or how to prepare for Armageddon. The two also discuss the shocking origins of modern transgenderism in pre-Nazi Germany and why she demands that politicians like President Biden define their own insane terms: What does “gender-affirming care” really mean? But then again, she might settle for an honest answer to the question, “Mr. Biden, do you even know where you are?”



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