Ep 197 | Tim Scott’s Message to ‘Modern Plantation Owners’ | The Glenn Beck Podcast

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South Carolina Senator Tim Scott has made a name for himself in Congress by challenging the narratives. For instance, he argues that “ALL Americans are privileged,” and in this episode, he explains how his personal journey to Washington, D.C., proves it. Now, he’s running for president to stop the Left from changing that. He and Glenn discuss how socialism is destroying impoverished communities and fueling the true afflictions of black America. Plus, he reveals the “disgusting racism” he has experienced from “modern plantation owners” on the Left. Senator Scott lays out his stance on funding Ukraine in its war against Russia and the fight to end abortion. And he does a deep dive into the head-spinning math of America’s national debt. But ultimately, he tells Glenn, America is a land of hope. Why else would China be trying to sell the idea that our decline is irreversible? Sen. Scott also lays out his plan to make it to the top of the GOP ticket. This episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast” is part of a series leading up to the 2024 presidential election season. These interviews come with no agenda, and the purpose of them is to ask important questions that the American people deserve to have answered.



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