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America’s founders knew the success of the new republic depended on having educated, engaged citizens. But they could not have imagined how U.S. public education would morph from emphasizing reading, writing, arithmetic, and biblical values to a progressive-dominated system today with its hyper focus on identity politics and a radical left-wing agenda. How did we get to this point? Progressive education experts, inspired for over a century by their philosopher-king — an early 1900s college professor named John Dewey.




Wouldn’t it be nice if you lived in a country where you didn’t have to constantly worry that your government is lying to you? A country where you could take it for granted that those in charge weren’t making decisions based on what they think is in your best interest — and not what you think is? History shows us, unfortunately, that the more bloated a government gets, the more this happens. I don’t know about you, but I make it a point to make critical decisions for myself and my family, and you should too.

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