Ep 450 | Sexual Revolution: Drag-ging Your Kids' Minds Into the Gutter

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Well, “Pride Month” has come and gone and left no shortage of woke propaganda about critical gender theory behind. The Left are engaged in an all-out social war for our kids, inserting their messaging into everything from schools, some of which teach kids as young as 5 about sexual topics, to TV channels like Nickelodeon, which put flamboyant drag queens on their programs for their young viewers to see. Not satisfied with just same-sex couples, progressives now want to make sure their children learn about other vitally important topics like transgenderism and “kink.” If you want to be the one raising your kids, and not the progressive leftists who run the schools and the media, then it’s time to get up off the sidelines and take an active role in ensuring your kids understand Christian and Western values.

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