Ep 461 | Nope, We Are Not Masking Up & Locking Down Again | Guest: Steve Deace

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Today we’re wading into controversial waters, discussing COVID, the vaccine, lockdowns, and masks. We highlight some of the media’s hypocrisy on the pandemic and point out the absurdity of returning to tight pandemic restrictions after a year’s worth of evidence that they aren’t very effective. Then we welcome fellow BlazeTV host & author of the recent bestseller, “Faucian Bargain,” Steve Deace back to the show to discuss the facts that the Left would prefer to stay in the dark. Steve breaks down some of the historical context behind herd immunity and vaccines, along with the politicization of the pandemic, with the media trying to push a narrative that only right-wing Trump supporters are hesitant about the vaccine or don’t want vaccine passports. A claim that, as Steve points out, isn’t supported by any data. Another important thing to consider is the way Sweden has handled the pandemic. Despite the country’s mostly left-wing way of doing things, Sweden never forced masks or lockdowns on its people. The results are a thorn in the side of the media and other governments that want to push draconian pandemic restrictions. We also discuss whether the claim that getting the vaccine is “loving thy neighbor” is theologically sound. 

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