Ep 465 | Vaccine Passports Turn NYC to Clown Town

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Today we’re discussing the absolute fiasco that is the leadership of New York City & state. Mayor Bill de Blasio just announced that NYC will be implementing a kind of vaccine passport, with the city requiring certain businesses to check their patrons’ vaccination status. This will probably end up saving 0 lives but do a great job of restricting people’s freedom. And what does it say about the people who embrace this with open arms, gladly cutting any unvaccinated person out of their lives? Then, we discuss the breaking news centered on New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is facing calls for impeachment from his own party due to allegations of sexual harassment. It’s great that the Left has finally had enough of this monster, but it would have been nice if they cared as much about all the elderly people who died on his watch as they did about these allegations. Lastly, we end on a happier note, with some phenomenal Olympic athletes who aren’t afraid to proudly represent the USA.

***Editor’s Note: Allie referred to an amount of taxpayer money that went missing in connection with Bill de Blasio’s wife. The amount was actually $800 million, not $800,000.

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