Ep 475 | The Police State Down Under

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Today we’re mainly talking about the rising police state in Australia. With a whopping and tragic 4 average deaths from COVID-19 over the past 7 days, the land Down Under has launched into some of the most restrictive lockdown measures anywhere. We’ll talk about why this is neither scientific nor compassionate, and fortunately there are still people in Australia who agree, as anti-lockdown protests have been occurring across the nation. This is a strong reminder, however, of how important it is for individuals to speak up about their values. Here in the U.S., many schools are trying to mandate masks for children, even though there are no known benefits to this and several known downsides. But when regular people in these school districts raise a respectful ruckus, this can change.

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New York Intelligencer: “The Science of Masking Kids at School Remains Uncertain” (Aug 20, 2021) “Why Kids (And You) Shouldn’t Be Forced to Mask”

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