Ep 481 | Thank the Lord: Texas Heartbeat Bill Is Law

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We start off with some good news: A heartbeat bill takes effect today, which empowers citizens to sue doctors who perform abortions after around six weeks. Naturally, this has the Left up in arms. Hilariously, they think that this bill makes the GOP comparable to the Taliban. We discuss the slippery morality that allows progressives to be pro-abortion, then we transition into discussing the latest data on vaccines, mask-wearing, and why vaccine passports are tyrannical and help no one.

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Show Links:

Texas Senate Bill 8 (SB-8): “Relating to Abortion, Including Abortions After Detection of an Unborn Child’s Heartbeat; Authorizing a Private Civil Right of Action” “Why Kids (And You) Shouldn’t Be Forced to Mask:”

New York Intelligencer: “The Science of Masking Kids at School Remains Uncertain” (Aug 20, 2021)

New York Post: “Study Finds N95 Masks More Effective Than Surgical, Cloth Coverings Against COVID-19” (Aug 22, 2021)

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