Ep 486 | EMERGENCY EPISODE: They've Pushed Too Far. Resist.

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We’re doing a bonus episode this week to cover the insanely authoritarian speech that Biden gave yesterday. Ostensibly, Biden is trying to implement policies to fight the pandemic. But the truth is, Biden’s 25-minute speech did little more than scapegoat the unvaccinated and divide the country further. Not only does the science not support the vaccine and mask mandates that Biden wants (which we will prove), they are naked power-grabs by the government that any sane person should be more than concerned about. With America seeming to crumble all around us, what are we Christians to do? Resist.

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Show Links:

Evening Standard: “Double Jabbed Carry Same Viral Load of COVID as Unvaccinated”

The College Fix: “Despite 95% Vaccination Rate, Cornell Today has Five Times More COVID Cases Than It Did This Time Last Year”

Bloomberg: “Cases Surge But Sinagpore Hasn’t Blinked on Reopening – Yet”

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Bangor Daily News: “Maine Sees Record Number of COVID-19 Patients in ICUs and on Ventilators”

CDC: “Laboratory-Confirmed COVID-19 Associated Hospitalizations”

MedRXiv: “SARS-CoV-2-mRNA Vaccination-Associated Myocarditis in Children Ages 12-17: A Stratified National Database Analysis”

MedRXiv: “Comparing SARS-CoV-2 Natural Immunity to Vaccine-Induced Immunity: Reinfections Versus Breakthrough Infections”

Several states already defying:

TIME: “Why the Respiratory Disease RSV Is Having an Off-Season Surge” “Why Kids (And You) Shouldn’t Be Forced to Mask:”

CDC: “COVID-19 Vaccine Safety in Adolescents Aged 12-17 Years – United States, December 14, 2020 – July 16, 2021”

Fox News: “CDC Tightened Masking Guidelines After Threats From Teachers Union, Emails Show”

The Heidelberg Catechism

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