Ep 502 | Facebook Whistleblower: Dem Operative or Hero? | Guest: Rachel Bovard

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Today we’re discussing the Facebook whistleblower situation with journalist & Senior Director of Policy for the Conservative Partnership Institute, Rachel Bovard. Recently, former Facebook employee Frances Haugen shares at a Senate hearing that Facebook knows their platforms are harmful to teenagers, but they don’t care. However, conveniently for the Democrats, this whistleblower is suggesting that the solution is more government censorship. While this is definitely not the answer, the information she’s made public should still be acted upon, and Rachel provides some free-market solutions to Facebook that don’t restrict free speech.


(00:00) Intro: Problems With Big Tech

(08:25) Interview: Facebook Whistleblower & How to Fight Big Tech

(13:02) Interview: What is ‘Section 230’ & Why Does it Matter?

(19:53) Interview: Is the Facebook Whistleblower Working With Dems?

(22:14) Interview: Why Big Tech Doesn’t Care That They Hurt Kids

(27:47) Interview: Maybe The GOP Will Actually Do Something

(33:19) Outro: Week in Review

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